Volleyball Otago Spring League Champions 2020

On Tuesday night we had the Finals of our Spring League, the volleyball played was as hot as the warm conditions inside the Edgar Centre.

In the Women’s Final Magnum Empire won a tight game 2-1 over South Pacific Trojans, it was a great game where both teams played very well. In the Men’s Final South Pacific White beat Eagles 2-1, again both sides played outstanding volleyball, South Pacific White’s offence to strong on the night, and once again defended their title.

A huge thanks to all the teams that gave it their all every Tuesday night, also to the referees that gave up their time, look out for news of the Summer League starting up early in the New Year.

1stSouth Pacific White Magnum Empire 1st
2ndEaglesSouth Pacific Trojans 2nd
3rd=Dunedin Dragons BlueMagnum Desendants 3rd
3rd=South Pacific PurpleColumba4th
5thThe Konvicts Kavanagh 5th
6thOBHS ¬†OGHS6th
7thIn the Mix  
8thVikings Gold   
9thKHS Lion’s  
10thDunedin Dragons Gold