Senior Secondary School Draw Monday 14th Feb 2022

Attached is the draw for Monday 14th February. Also attached is the zone allocations for the Edgar Centre along with Covid information from the Edgar centre.

All games are to finish 10 minutes before the start of the following game. Please ensure the court is cleared quickly through the designated exits so that the next teams can enter and start on time.

Information from the Edgar Centre

At the red traffic light setting, and with the certainty that Covid will be in in Dunedin again, we have reviewed our zones and made barriers much more solid. Also once a zone is in operation there will be no movement between zones, even from our staff. I have attached a copy of the updated zones. As a PDF.

The Arena will now be a stand alone zone, using the Arena toilets, with the doors locked between that and the main hall. Exit will be out the Emergency Exit at the back of Court 2, same as before. ‘Wood Zone’ will enter through the Emergency Exit to the left of reception (same as before), but exit through the roller door at the back of Court 9. We have split the main toilet area in the main hall, to provide toilets for 2 zones. To allow this we had to switch the men / women change rooms around. Changing facilities for girls will be a limited as a result in the ‘WOOD’ zone unfortunately.

The limit of 100 people at a time applies and everyone 12 years and over needs to show their vaccine pass, as we  are a vaccine pass required venue. Sufficient time will be needed between rounds to allow players to exit, as the next round will be held until the previous round has gone. No spectators again are allowed, coaches are allowed. No team should exceed 10 people in total (including coaches). Teams should be told very clearly which zone to go to please. And remind them they must scan in or sign in.

One other change is that we now require each sport to provide a person on the day for the duration of the comp. This person would assist us with entry and control of players and opening / closing the exit. Edgar staff will oversee the zone and check passes, but we need someone from the sport to make sure the players are in the correct zone and open the exit door at the end of a round and make sure people leave in a timely manner. This is happening with futsal, netball and basketball, and with the vaccine pass check requirement is the only way we can run the competitions effectively, as we do not have the staff to manage everything unfortunately.

On a Monday the comp will always be in the ‘Wood’ zone, with 5 nets.