School Leagues

Two seasons – Term 1 and Term 3 / 4.

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Middles League (Years 7 – 8)

This is our youngest league on offer – an entry into volleyball for many of the children that participate in this League.  We typically have 30 plus teams playing either in the Social or Competitive grades.  Our Middles play on Fridays after school. 

Games are 30 minutes in length and the rules match the level of the players – so relaxed to encourage a fun environment to play.  This league allows boys and girls to play in the same team as an option as everyone plays on the same net height.

In 2020 Term 4 VO will be holding our first ever Development Camp and Mini Tournament for our Middles teams.  Watch out for more information at your school. Parents and supporters always welcomed.

Loads of fun and a great introduction to an organised level of volleyball for kids, parents, and their supporters.

Schools enter teams so ask your school to get involved or join their volleyball program.

Junior High (Year 9 – 10)

Following on from our Middles kids will participate in our Junior League where for most kids they are starting a new High School or College. Once again kids will either play in a social grade or for those who are taking the sport more seriously and want to get serious – they compete in the competitive grade.

Games for both grades are 1 hour in length, the rules are a relaxed for the social grade while the competitive teams will follow the rule book.  Competitive teams are also responsible for officiating games which includes lines officials, scoring and the main referee.  This encourages a sense of respect for their officials and helps the players learn the game.

In Term 3-4 season is when the competitive grades compete for the following:

  • Otago Junior High School Volleyball Tournament
    • A 2-day tournament held over a weekend.
    • Tournament format
    • Final placings are used for the South Island Junior Secondary School Volleyball Championship.
  • South Island Junior Secondary School Volleyball Championship (SIJSSVC)
    • A 3-day tournament involving schools from all around the South Island
    • Tournament format
    • Location in the past has always been Christchurch, however, is has been decided to rotate the location between Christchurch – Nelson – Invercargill and Dunedin.  It will be here in Dunedin in 2022.
  • South Island Junior Secondary School Beach Volleyball Championship.
    • A day tournament held at the end of the SIJSSVC
Senior High (Year 11 – 13)

The penultimate years of our School league is our Senior High League.  Players can choose the appropriate level to choose from on how they wish to enjoy their volleyball – both Social, Semi-Competitive and Competitive.  We always encourage students to participate by getting active, having fun with fellow team members.  It is common that some of our senior players are involved with coaching/supporting other teams in the Junior or even at Middles.  Volleyball is high on our players giving back where they can and how they feel comfortable doing so.

From Term 1 of the year is the Senior competitive volleyball as this term has the New Zealand Senior Secondary Schools Volleyball Championship (NZSSSVC) normally held in late March or early April.  So, a focused season of the year where our competitive teams are trying to peak at the right times and compete well at our Seeding tournament – Otago Senior High Volleyball Tournament(OSHVT). 

Even the Senior B-League is a high amount of competitive volleyball for those coming from Junior High.  Games are played on Senior Level net heights and run best of 5 sets.  Once again players are responsible for officiating games to carry on from previous years. 

In Term 1 season is where our Senior High competitive teams will participate in:

  • Otago Senior High Volleyball Tournament
    • 2-day tournament typically over a weekend.
    • Tournament format
    • Team’s placing in the tournament will transition across to that team’s ranking/seeding at the NZ Secondary School Indoor Championships..